I have now been provided with confirmation of the NATWEST MOBILE BANKING VAN timetable.

The mobile banking van will be situated in the Henfield Hall car park, on Thursday mornings from 10.05am to 11.05am. The original intention was for the van to be in Henfield from 07 JUNE 2018 but this was later revised as shown on the HPC website (see below)

The NatWest Mobile Bank (South Downs) started serving South Downs villages and towns from Monday 7th May with itsfirst visit to Henfield on Thursday 10th May from 10.05 am to 11.05 am in the Coopers Way Car Park. Visits will now be every Thursday. If you wish a timetable for the service (which shows visiting times for other villages in the area), you can collect one from the Henfield Parish Council office.