The upset has been triggered by changes to use and signage at the SETYRES site (see photos) which did not have planning permission.

The entire village High Street lies within the Henfield Conservation Area and any development in this area is subject to very strict rules. The Henfield Parish Design Statement (which was revised this year) describes the High Street as “the showcase of the village.” It states: “Business signs and other advertising should be kept to a minimum to sustain the rural character of the settlements”.

28f52fc5bcbf931c678dea6738e2d77237b0a964Numerous listed buildings stand along the High Street, including the Grade 2* and Grade 2 buildings directly across the road from SETYRES and around Golden Square.

Residents are angered by the changes, saying "SETYRES, as the owners of the buildings, have chosen to erect this unauthorised signage in our Year of Culture and Heritage making a mockery of the efforts being made by both Horsham and the Henfield Parish Council to make this village more attractive to visitors."

The Henfield Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan (2018) already identifies the SETYRES site as having a negative visual impact. In the Heritage Statement which accompanies the planning application, the SETYRES consultant concedes that “The garage complex provides a modern, strident feature in the Conservation Area, clearly alien to its surrounds.”

The Horsham Enforcement Team have been in contact with the owners of SETYRES since February setting out the requirement for retrospective planning applications (Ref: EN/19/0082). An application for new signage has now been submitted but residents say it still doesn’t cover the changes already made.

c67556943f6bb312e02277e125a35ffc07d75470 Local residents opined that "It is time for Henfield to tell SETYRES that “enough is enough”.

The planning application can be viewed online here.*

Anyone wishing to comment on the planning application should e-mail or write to Mr Giles Holbrook, Planning Department, Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, RH12 1RL. Please make explicit if your comment is an objection. It is important to quote ref. DC/19/1211 and remember to include your name & address (although your name will not be published). The deadline for comments has been extended 30th July.

* A retrospective application has now been posted for the installation of cladding of front and side elevations, installation of two roller shutter doors and four replacement Upvc windows in front elevation. Cladding of side elevation of car-wash. It can be viewed under Ref. No: DC/19/1294.