The Council has commissioned retail training specialist, Chris Billington from Progressive Results Training to deliver a fully funded Horsham District Independent Retail Training and Support Programme : ‘Your Customer Experience’. The programme will consist of four key elements:
Facilitated Workshops

All of the District’s 200+ independent retailers will be invited to participate in one or more of six workshops offering thought provoking guidance and tips on how to better influence their customers’ experience.

Bespoke rapid improvement sessions

These will be one to one sessions and will take part in the retailer’s own premises. The work will establish ways for the retailer to improve specific performance areas and to ensure that all commercial opportunities are being identified and exploited.

Display enhancement grant

The overall programme includes a grant allocation of £22,000 towards premises improvements for eligible businesses that have taken part in the Bespoke Rapid Improvement Sessions and workshops. Businesses can apply for a match-funding grant to refurbish and improve their shop front and the grant can also be applied to internal improvements such as shop lighting, display fixtures and fittings.

Your Customer Experience Awards The Magnificent Seven

The programme will culminate in an awards evening in May 2019 with seven categories for independent businesses in Horsham District. The awards will be judged through a combination of public nominations and expert panel judging.

To book a place, please email Chris Billington at or call him on 07840392732. For more details, see here.