icanhireBN support team return to Henfield today to prep Tahlulah, for a busy weekend and to meet up with the local residents and businesses in the town. We hope to be supporting late night shopping this evening and really want to get our name out there as we believe we offer great value. Earlier in the week we had a great reception in the town with special thanks to the various pubs and coffee shops where we spent some time!

We are pretty focused on getting our message out there. This a great opportunity for local people. Why pay more or have to go to the inconvenience of travelling into Horsham or elsewhere to pick up a van - sometimes for longer than you really need it!

Our current nearest collection point is right next to Mackley’s Industrial Estate and Small Dole village hall. We are a stones throw, and it wouldn't have to be a good one for that matter, from the Contain Yourself Storage Company. We are working with Paul and can each provide customers with a further 10% discount if you back a van and storage together - which I am sure will make a lot of sense to customers.

We are delighted to be part of the innovative Henfield Hub and see this as a really important part of raising our profile in the village. So hopefully, one way or the other you will see us on the hub, twitter or facebook, or you might have seen Tess about the town or one of our postcard size flyers

We are really looking forward to working with the people of Henfield & the entire BN post-code area to get stuff done, especially moving things.