Planting for All Year Interest

Does your garden have dull, ‘down times’, when it lacks colour and interest?
In this illustrated day of talks and exercises, Juliet will explain how to avoid those garden ‘down times’, so that you have shape, colour and interest all through the year.
She will explain how designers use plants to create seasonal interest and introduce you to her ‘top performers’.
By the end of the day you will know how to either tweak or completely re-design your planting to have all-season interest.
Subjects covered:What are the ‘down times’ in your garden and where are the ‘holes’ in your planting?How to use all the available plants to best effect. A list of useful all year round best performing plants. How to combine your plants for all year interest
Who is the course for?Beginners and garden enthusiasts are welcome.This course is for anyone who struggles with those ‘boring’ times in the garden when nothing is happening. Beginners and garden enthusiasts are welcome.
By the end of the day you will:Have a list of great plants to use in your garden. Know how to combine plants for all year interest. Be able to identify ‘holes’ in your planting scheme and remedy them
The Group We will be an informal group. Juliet teaches in an accessible, workshop style with illustrated ‘info-bites’ and relevant exercises for you to think about your own garden.As well as being an award-winning garden designer, Juliet has been teaching gardening to professionals and enthusiasts for over 15 years.
Includes:Illustrated handouts Discount voucher for use in the garden centre
Tickets:Early Bird Ticket £75 (First 8 tickets sold)Standard Ticket £85
Date and Time:Thursday 15th October 2020 10.30am – 3.30pm