On Saturday 15th October, ten of us met at the hall for our second lace workshop run by Jacquie Tinch, where we were to learn the techniques of Idrija lace, a Slovenian tape lace which is made with only 6 to 10 pairs of bobbins.

We started at 10 am by choosing a pattern that we’d like to try from a selection supplied by Jacquie, because I’d done a few similar tape laces in the past I chose a slightly more advanced pattern of a heart but there were patterns for all abilities available.

Jacqui started by explaining how to “start” the lace and then let us get started on our pattern, slowly the gossip died down as we all started concentrating on working our pattern.

Jacquie was available all the time to advise as we went along and explained to us as a group any special techniques that were required, like how to get round sharp corners as soon as one of us got to that part of the pattern and also the most common part of learning a new lace, helping us recognise where we had gone wrong so we could correct it.

We took breaks for refreshments when we felt we needed it, and before we knew it, it was 4 pm and it was time to pack up.

We all left the workshop with our pieces in the advanced stages of completion, and feeling that we were beginning to master the techniques for this style of lace.

It was a very enjoyable day and we are all looking forward to our next lace workshop.

Claire White