Mayfield Market Towns had until 9th May to launch a legal challenge following the Plan’s adoption on March 28. The statutory six week period allows unsuccessful developers like MMT to find ways to challenge a District Plan in accordance with Section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

However, with no challenges submitted the Plan is now set in stone and MMT is effectively ‘locked out’ of the District.

This marks the end of five long years of campaigning in Mid Sussex and bodes well for the ongoing early review of Horsham’s District Plan. The Horsham Plan was adopted in October 2015 on the condition that it was reviewed within its first three years partly due to the uncertainty at the time over the government’s decision on airport expansion. The review is now underway.

MMT’s plan to build a new town straddling both Mid Sussex and Horsham districts is now in tatters with the newly adopted plan not only making no provision for MMTs’ proposals, but also specifically only allowing development in and around existing towns and villages. With Sussex under constant pressure for development, LAMBS fully supports the new Mid Sussex Plan’s key aim which is the ‘Protection and Enhancement of Countryside.’

“LAMBS is delighted that the beautiful countryside of Mid Sussex is now free from the this dreadful threat,” says the LAMBS’ Committee, “and we would like to thank everyone who has supported our campaign over the years. However, our job is not quite done and we will not give up until the spectre of Mayfields has gone from Sussex completely.”