The Government Inspector has agreed to allow Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames and South Downs MP Nick Herbert to speak out against Mayfields at the Examination of Horsham’s District Plan next week.

The two MPs want to challenge Mayfields’ proposals and to make it clear to the Inspector that the scheme has no local support at any level. 

Speaking while meeting constituents in Albourne Village Hall at the weekend, Sir Nicholas confirmed that the Inspector had agreed to the request. 

“It is quite unusual,” he said, “but this is a very important inquiry and it is almost on a question of principal. We feel very strongly that we should have an opportunity to speak out on this very, very important matter. 

“If I can, I miss no opportunity and nor does Nick Herbert, to make quite clear of our views on the, I think, absolutely mad behaviour of Mayfields, and the intolerable way they are carrying out their plans here – or trying to.” 

He added that he hoped that he and Mr Herbert would also be able to challenge Mayfields on some the underhand tactics they are employing to push the scheme forward. 

“For instance,” he said, “they’ve produced a document saying that West Sussex County Council has approved of their transport – it is absolute rubbish. They did no such thing – and such is the sort of misleading information and straight lies they’ve told, that West Sussex had to issue a statement saying it wasn’t true. 

“I think you have to treat everything they say with a pinch of salt and don’t allow them to dominate – this plan is completely unacceptable. It won’t work. It is out with all the Government’s criteria for eco-cities, garden cites, market cities – whatever you call them. No one wants it, there is no support for it here and it can’t happen under the Government’s criteria without the support of the local councils, the local communities and the District Plan – it hasn’t got any of them.” 

The two MPs will be speaking on Matter 16 of the hearing which is to be held in Horsham District Council Chamber on Tuesday, 18th November.