The following comes from an email sent out by LAMBS to its supporters.

The proposals have been constructed around a formula which puts PROFIT BEFORE LOGIC and must have been devised by a panel of property developers (with vested interests in lucrative areas)!

The formula attempts to socially engineer house prices by swamping expensive areas in the South-East of England with houses, while starving the North of investment.

This would equate to increasing Sussex’s already whopping housing targets by a further 40%. With housing targets already double what they were just a few years ago. This is, by any reckoning, a massively disproportionate number of houses!

Not surprisingly, there has been outcry from both ends of the country, but WE NEED TO ACT BEFORE 9th  NOVEMBER  to stop this travesty.

PLEASE could you COMPLETE THE GOVERNMENT’S CONSULTATION SURVEY at this link or submit a complaint about the process:

The document itself is convoluted, repetitive and complicated – undoubtedly written to hoodwink the public in an attempt to deter ordinary people like us from responding. It isn’t particularly long but we found reading it torturous, and struggled to grasp the meaning of many of the questions. However, PLEASE don’t let this put you off answering some of the questions (you are not required to answer them all).

To help you (if you are as daunted as we were by all the ‘planning speak’ waffle), one of our LAMBS members has agreed to let us publish their responses (they are attached to the original email which can be seen here).

A slightly easier route may be to complain about the whole process, preferably before the Nov 9 deadline and you can do this on this link.

Thank you for taking time to do this; we are sorry about the short notice but we're sure you appreciate the urgency.

Best Wishes