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Tuesday 21st September

Marcus Grimes Henfield

Marcus Grimes Henfield  Cover Photo
Marcus Grimes Estate Agents has acquired Goodsman Lettings of Henfield, and has two other offices across Mid Sussex. Company principal Marcus and his family have lived in the village for nearly 30 years. The two business’ will combine to create a ‘super agency’ specialising in sales and lettings from their offices in Coopers Way. Marcus Grimes Estate Agents was created in 1988 in Cuckfield before opening in Hurstpierpoint. The opening of a branch in Henfield completes the triangle with now unrivalled coverage of those areas south of Gatwick airport to the South Downs.

The decision to sell your home is an enormous one and we understand this. Once you have instructed Marcus Grimes to handle your sale we will take great care to ensure your best interests are at the centre of everything we do.
Not only will you benefit from an independently owned family run business with over 26 years of experience you will also get a unique geographical set up of offices covering the whole of the Mid Sussex area with offices in Cuckfield and for the Downland villages, Hurstpierpoint.

Buying a property is an extremely important decision, we understand this. It is vital that you are helped along the way by an estate agent that knows all the facts about the property you are purchasing. It¹s a mine field out there and here at Marcus Grimes we know that by helping buyers get the useful information they need quickly, they can make an informed decision faster.
Whilst we are here to help and will offer advice if asked - WE WILL NOT force you obtain a mortgage quote from our in-house financial advisor or firmly suggest you use a particular firm of solicitors. That¹s simply not our way. We stick to what we do best. Selling property.

Just as with sales here at Marcus Grimes we understand our job is to maximise the deal for our landlords. We want to bring the best tenants at the highest rents together with our properties creating a harmonious, efficiently run tenancy to the satisfaction of all the parties.
Our many years of experience means we will “hold our client’s hands” through the many challenges and legal requirements involved in letting property.

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