Every Morris Dancing ‘side’ has its own style of ‘kit’, often dependent on their history and ‘traditions’ they dance.

When Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men - ‘Chancs’- were approached by the Museum of British Folklore to provide a dressed ‘doll’ in their kit to display in a gallery within the museum, filled with all the figures of as many Morris teams as possible, it asked another local club to help out. 

To the rescue came Margaret Storey of the Henfield Miniaturist Group that dressed two dolls- one in ‘Cotswold’ kit, the other in ‘NorthWest’. Chancs’ Bagman Clive said “To date, the museum has sent out 417 figures and has 52 back. We are delighted that Chancs could respond quickly to the request and are delighted what the Miniaturists have done for us”

The Museum hopes to open the completed gallery later next year, but meanwhile are organising some shows of the figures next year, with the first likely to be at the Weald & Downland Museum in early May 2016. www.museumofbritishfolklore.co.uk