Introduced by the council many years ago, only two people have received the award: Dr John Squires and Mr Peter Hudson.

Kevin Wright, Clerk to Henfield Parish Council told the Hub that they have set the following criteria against which to consider nominations:

  1. The recipient shall have made an exceptional contribution to the life of Henfield and/or the people living in Henfield.
  2. Nominations for the award will come from the community and will be advertised in the local press. The award will be considered during the second year of every Parish Council.
  3. Whilst a person is holding an elected public office they will not generally be considered to be eligible for the award.
  4. The voting process within the Council shall be by a paper vote with the requirement that to receive the award the nominated person receives the unanimous vote of all those members of Council attending the meeting and eligible to vote at the time of the time of the actual vote.

If there is an individual that you think should be considered for the award, please send the name and reasons for nomination by email to or alternatively drop a letter into the Parish Council letterbox outside the Henfield Hall.