As you know, the main objective of this Parish Council sponsored event was to enable Henfield residents (particularly new ones) to come & meet community organisations in one place. Forty three exhibitors returned the feedback forms; 75% said they either got new members or had interest shown in their club. Additionally, in response to the question: “What did you like about the event?” 50% of you cited Networking with each other.

We estimate over 200 people from the 55 organisations attended to exhibit. The bar was opened by the Hall & the Wild Violets WI opened the kitchen & sold refreshments which were much credited. The Museum had 43 visitors; launching its new exhibit “100 years of Henfield Women & the Vote”. Definitely worth checking out if you did not get an opportunity on the evening.

Between 6.30pm - 9pm , over 200 visitors came. Approx. one third of these arrived in the first half hour with the peak numbers arriving 7- 7.30pm tailing off to only 3 new visitors in the final half hour. Some of you suggested changing the timing and the visitor numbers would suggest the best timing that evening would have been 6.30-8.30pm. As visitors left, we asked if they had joined, or were considering joining, any of the organisations. A real cross section was mentioned, with only a few saying 'no'.

We hope you will continue networking with each other; we heard of a great idea of cross club activity generated that night – the Youth Club are going to try an evening at the Bowls Club.

We look forward to your coming together to support Henfield Community events in the coming months – some of which are:
Thursday 10th May – Henfield HEN (Happiness, Exercise, Nutrition - led by the Action for Older People) – 2.30-4pm Henfield Hall
w/e 9-10th June – Henfield Festival of Garden & Arts
24th May – Community Sewing Bee – Free Church Hall to prepare for the Great Get Together in Henfield High St on Saturday 23rd June.
Sunday 16th September – Memorial Field Sports, Games, Food and Drink Festival – Henfield Common

See also our earlier article on the evening's success here.