Henfield Parish Council has been trying for some years to refurbish the public conveniences in the High Street, which was long overdue. However, due to potential  plans for redevelopment of this area by Horsham District Council (HDC), works had to be put on hold.

After long negotiations the Parish Council entered into a 20 year Lease of the building, which gave the security to be able to proceed with the project.  The public conveniences have been completely gutted and new cubicles and urinals have been installed, along with baby changing facilities in both male and female toilets.  During the course of the work, problems with the drainage were uncovered which had to be rectified.  It was decided on the advice of the contractor that the entrance to the Disabled toilet should be moved. It was also decided to make it more accessible to wheelchair users and to upgrade the facilities in this toilet.

The public conveniences should now be more cost efficient, using less water and electricity. They are also much easier to clean and maintain.

 The cost of the work – in the region of £65,000 -  was paid for with S106 funding received from HDC, which was generated by the Croudace development to the east of Manor Close. The remainder was provided from the Parish Council reserves

The works have been undertaken by Green Manor Building Limited and the Parish Council is very pleased with the way the whole project has been undertaken by them and the advice they have given throughout. And  a huge thanks must go to Mike Morgan, a Parish and District Councillor, who has pretty much masterminded the whole project from the start (probably more than 20 years ago).