The proposed works are to renovate the Memorial Field sports pitches by installing a new drainage system with subsequent regrading and seeding of the playing surface. The total area affected is approximately 1.5 hectares with a rectangular perimeter of 570 m.  The area affected represents 9% of the total area of the common.

Works will commence on May 30th 2017 and take up to 2 months to complete. There will be a period of up to 3 months after completion where a temporary barrier will be erected to restrict pedestrian access in order to allow the seeds to germinate. A pathway will be made on the southern and eastern perimeters to allow access to the woods. Prior to this there will be a number of spraying sessions carried out early morning  at the end of April 2017 to kill the grass. These are perfectly safe to humans and animals, although it is advised not to walk the common when spaying is taking place. Signs will be placed at the time of spraying.

Visitors to the common will be able to continue to use the existing car parks. Contractors’ plant will access the works area via a designated route through the common which will restrict free movement for the public over the designated route for a very short period of time as it moves along the route. Such movement will be infrequent. Access to the works area will be restricted by means of a temporary plastic barrier using steel pins and plastic barrier netting.