Above: The car park and link road nearing completion

The text of the press release is as follows:

Henfield Parish Council (PC) had expected to reconfigure a safety feature as part of the construction works, but the Directors of Bysshop Meadow Management Company Limited who are residents of Deer Park and who own this stretch of road where the traffic island is situated, have refused permission.

This is disappointing as the PC had commissioned a Road Safety Audit which recommended the island’s removal due to the increased risk of a head-on collision and this recommendation was reinforced by the Planners at Horsham District Council. The Directors have ignored the advice from both sets of experts together with the PC's offer to replace the island with a Speed Regulation Table. This would enable two-way traffic to pass safely whilst still restricting speed in this area.

This Link Road will relieve traffic congestion in and around Northcroft, Fabians Way and Church Street and provide relief for the residents who have waited for 25 years for this road to be built. It will provide alternative access to the Leisure Centre and St Peter's school which will alleviate the traffic problems experienced at peak times by both residents and road users.

The Link Road will open as planned because of the benefits to the village. Drivers and pedestrians should exercise normal levels of caution but be aware of the road layout at this junction. When the works are completed there will also be a crossing to help pedestrians access the footpath through the cemetery, which will be lit to provide a safe walking route after dark.

Finally, if you do experience difficulties in negotiating this traffic island and wish to complain, please contact Remus Management Limited, Old Forge House, 38a North Road, Preston Village, East Sussex BN1 6SP Tel: 01273 503 922 who are the Managing Agents for the Deer Park Estate. The Directors failed to respond to our final offer letter within the given time frame and with our contractors expecting to complete their work by 2nd November* we have had to instruct them not to complete this part of the project.

Henfield Parish Council

*Note: The Council now expects its contractors to complete the main construction works and leave the site by 16th November 2018