The first Confirmation Instruction was held in Church. An encouraging number of candidates attended - nearly 50 in all. There are still some who have made no move and should think about it. There will be opportunity the next two Mondays, after which the list must be closed.

War Loan “Don’ts”
To the Boys: Smoke fewer cigarettes, so that your brothers in Flanders can have more smokes. 

To the Men: Try and do without some beer and tobacco; the money, if lent to the Government, will do for tea and jam for your pals in France. 

To the Women: Don’t buy a new hat. Lend the money to the Government, it may go towards providing a helmet and saving the life of your son or husband. 

To the Girls: Don’t buy that brooch or ribbon. Send the money to the Government; it may provide comforts or protection for your own young man in Flanders.