Notes for the Month...
The shortage of paper, which is, the printers tell us, very serious and likely to increase, is responsible for an even later issue than usual this month. The shortage will entail cutting down quantities, and it is necessary, unfortunately to stop printing our Roll of Service for the present.

The little colony at Oreham Common is to be congratulated on the numbers and regularity of those who attend the little services there fortnightly. Miss Pitten and Miss Lewis never spare themselves trouble to make those who do come welcome, and the sincerity and heartiness of the service is a pleasure always to experience. Some of us have scarcely yet begun to appreciate or even know much about this beauty spot of the parish. It is worth knowing.

School gardening has progressed fairly well, and the girls have most of their ground dug and planted; but there still remains a lot to be done. May Day must not be entirely forgotten this year, though its observance will be on a different footing somewhat.

On Easter Day the Church seemed full all day. At the seven o’clock Celebration there were 148 Communicants ( quite a record ), at 8 102, at 9.45 Choral Eucharist 42, and at midday 55.