A series of cottage services in different parts of the parish have been very encouraging and will be continued as occasion offers. It would be a help if anyone who would like to have one at their house and could promise a reasonable congregation of immediate neighbours would let the Vicar know.

Girl Guides. A meeting, explanatory of the Girl Guide Movement, was held in the parish Room on Thurs Nov 15th, the Vicar presiding. Lady Baden-Powell attended the meeting to help in the formation of a Company. Much interest has been awakened by the meeting, offers of help are already coming in, and the future troop of Henfield Girl Guides, is expected to rival, if not eclipse, any other in Sussex.

Aeroplane Descent. On Monday last Woodmancote was stirred by a somewhat unusual event, and the organisation of the Volunteers was put to the test. Lieutenant Roche of the Flying Corps on his way from Birmingham to Salisbury was driven by the gale out of his course, and obliged to effect a “forced landing” in a field at Perching Sands. Relays of the Volunteers guarded the machine during the night, and gave place to the Boy Scouts from 7.00 the next morning until Lieutenant Roche was able to resume his flight at mid-day.