The Divisional Synods of Clergy and Laity held at Hastings, Hove and Chichester included strong and practically unanimous expressions of protest against the proposed tampering with the marriage laws, which it is hoped, will stiffen the opposition amongst the rank and file of Church folk. And not the Church folk only, for the Bill, if passed, will be a definite denial of all Christian teaching on this subject, and a reversion to something worse than Paganism. An article setting forth clearly the dangers of such tampering will, it is hoped, be forthcoming in the March issue.

Don’t Forget the Farmer Lad. “While honouring the khaki clad who hasten to the front, pray don’t forget the farmer lad, who does his steady stunt; from early morn to twilight gray right to his job he clings and gathers in the oats and hay and scores of other things that sailor boys and others need if they would win the war, for he must all creation feed; that’s what the farmer’s for. No crowds to offer the glad hand when he goes to the fields; no stirring strain from martial band when earth her harvest yields, no snowy handkerchiefs are waved by fingers white and slim. And yet all summer he has slaved - now let us honour him.”

War Memorials. The Bishop reminds all parishioners that no work upon the design of a War Memorial should be undertaken before a faculty has been issued. What is ours to be? Suggestions are asked for, whereby we may fittingly commemorate our men who have been killed, and at the same time thank God for the blessing of peace when He grants it to us.