Christmastide. The season this year in Henfield was one conspicuous for quiet home enjoyment. One feature was the sprinkling of our men in blue and khaki, who had been lucky enough to get the few days leave to spend Christmas at home. The dear old Church looked its very best bedecked with most beautifully berried holly everywhere. The glorious chrysanthemums from Barrow Hill and Red Oaks were a joy to look upon. The communicants at the three celebrations numbered 218 - a record so far for Christmas Day here.

Women’s Institute. The festivities were preceded by some valuable work. On the motion of the Secretary, it was unanimously decided to give up having refreshments at monthly meetings until the food shortage is past. The West Sussex CC Organiser of women’s work on the land gave an inspiring address on “Women as Food Producers”. Co-operative allotments and co-operative pig-keeping have proved successful in several villages. Goats, geese and rabbits are particularly useful now, as they can be largely fed on what would otherwise be wasted.