Airmen in Henfield. We don’t get much excitement in our little village, but Shoreham gave us quite a busy evening last Friday, when an aeroplane came down with engine trouble in the large field by Backsett Farm. This was followed shortly by another machine which came to the assistance of No.1. By this time half Henfield and several of the Volunteers were on the spot, and all witnessed an exciting moment, when the Pilot of the second machine (not long home from fighting the Hun planes) took a trial trip in machine No.1. and finding it impossible to fly her back to Shoreham, had to make a forced landing on uneven ground, the concussion of which gave him a nasty blow on the head, and sprained his wrist. But we are glad to say that it was nothing more serious. The next move was to get the other machine off home, to summon air mechanics, and a car to be sent over as soon as possible. Until they arrived the disabled machine was guarded by the local Volunteers, the following day the aeroplane went back to headquarters by motor lorry.