The experiment of feeding the children of the three schools was made in the last week of February. Thanks very largely to those who helped with the cooking and serving, mid-day meals became uncommonly popular. About 50 boys, 30 girls, and 30 infants was the average attendance for the four days of the first week. It is hoped to vary the menu as occasion serves. The Food Control Committee are very sympathetic, and have granted a special permit for supplies. It is hoped to make this effort self-supporting after the necessary initial expenses are cleared. Perhaps this experiment may be the forerunner of a National Kitchen later on.

1st Henfield Troop Boy Scouts. On Wednesday evening, February 27th, night manoeuvres were carried out in the Terry’s Cross, Oreham and Broadmere District. A pleasant, as well as instructive evening was spent; the experience gained gave the boys some small idea of practical scouting.
Gather Waste Wool. APPEAL BY LADY AMHERST OF HACKNEY TO COUNTRY CHILDREN. Last year the gathering of sheep’s wool was a great success. Now that the spring is coming, flocks of sheep move from one grazing ground to another; they will again leave tufts of wool in all sorts of odd places. If this wool is collected it is invaluable in helping to make warm blankets for our soldiers and sailors. May I beg children and any others who will do, to gather this wool and send it to the Sheep’s Depot, Queen’s Gate Gardens, London WC. The wool need not be cleaned or washed, but sticks, thorns, and bits of wire should be removed.