Boy Scouts
A troop of Boy Scouts – eventually to be known as the 1st Henfield Troop – has been started in our midst. Up to the present, 45 boys have been enrolled – a promise of good things to come. A letter of congratulation conveying all good wishes has been received from the Chief Scout (Lieut.-Gen. Sir Robert Baden-Powell, K.C.B.), who remembers what good work was done by the old Henfield troop. The Chief Scout expresses the hope that the newly-formed troop will live up to the good reputation of the old one.

Women's Institute
On Wednesday October 17th, at 3pm, a Free Public Meeting will be held in the Assembly Room to consider whether Henfield should start a Women’s Institute. These Institutes, which are formed by the Agricultural Organisation Society, are non-political and non-sectarian. Their purpose is to unite women of all classes in working for the welfare of their homes, their village and their country. For those unable to come in the early afternoon, there will be a short after meeting, also public and free, at the Assembly Room from 6.30 to 7 p.m.