A group of patchwork and quilters who had attended the patchwork and quilting classes run on a Wednesday morning and evening decided to meet up once a month in the evening to stitch and chat. At one of these meetings it was decided to work on a quilt as a group project.

It fell to me as their tutor to work out a project that all could work on easily and at our regular evening meetings.

Using a block made up of appliqued hearts and some fabric bought from a Henfield resident who was selling her mother's fabric we set too. After some time we had amassed a pile of blocks, all looking very smart and ready for the quilt.

I put the quilt together using some more of my stash - fabric collection - and then handed it on to another member of the group.

Carolyn Clark, The Quilty Lady, is what is known as long arm quilter. This doesn't mean she has abnormally long arms but that she possesses a long arm quilt machine. This machine can quilt large quilts on a big frame, and is ideal for this kind of project. Carolyn is very skilled at this work and carefully quilting our quilt to bring it alive with texture and stitch.

Jan Cox arranged for a label to be printed for the reverse of the quilt; stating it's reason for creation, the makers and the date.

Jan also went to the HART meeting and handed the quilt over to the HART team. HART is the Henfield Area Response Team which responds to emergency calls where heart attacks are suspected or likely. This team of volunteers work with the emergency services to save lives and need funds to continue their valuable work in the community.

The HART quilt was then raffled at the Summer Show.

I hope the lucky ticket enjoy the quilt and use it to keep warm.