My love of patchwork and quilting grew out of a love for all things textile. From my early years I have worked with stitch and cloth. Patchwork appeals for its vintage look and its use of recycled fabric. For over 20 years I have developed my skills and and am now teaching patchwork and quilting locally to both adults and children.

I have been running classes in Henfield for just over a year and my main aim is to teach the skills needed so that you can also come to love the craft. I hope my classes appeal to both the novice and the more expert - there is always something we can learn, perfect and share.

I stitch by both hand and machine and love both equally. Hand stitching is slow and steady but can be done anywhere, machine stitching is quicker but has it's own set of skills. As to fabric I use new and old fabric and in quilters terms have a good sized 'stash' in boxes, drawers and bags in my sewing room. I buy locally, on the internet and at specialist shows. My recycled fabric ranges from my brother's shirts, old dresses and skirts of my own and the jumble sale bargains. Like all dedicated stitchers I have probably have far too much to use in my life time!

It is rare that I don't have at least two or three projects on the go, several patterns lined up ready to go and a host of patterns and ideas in my head, in books and in magazines on my to do list.

My husband scratches his head and often ponders on the fact that I buy big pieces of fabric, cut them up and then stitch them back into a large piece of work! Yes but I do it with love!

So is patchwork a hobby or an obsession? To me it is a hobby but I understand that some might see it as an obsession with fabric. It leads to new learning, new friends, new experiences and new challenges which I guess makes it a hobby. Can I request that you don't look in my sewing room because I think that would make it an obsession! Why don't you make your own mind you up by joining one of my classes - you don't need much to start off with but let's see if you become obsessed!