Beginner’s Sampler Quilt Class Information and

A Sampler quilt is the best way to learn the techniques of patchwork and quilting. The sampler quilt in this class will teach you how to

o   Use a sewing machine to create the quilt

o   Use a rotary cutter, ruler and mat

o   Sew with a ¼ inch seam

o   Cut and sew a variety of shapes to form decorative blocks of patchwork

o   Join and quilt the blocks of patchwork you have made using a simple ‘quilt as you go’ technique

Over eight weeks – with some sewing at home – you will make a 9-block sampler quilt similar to the photograph below. It measures approximately 40 x 40 inches’ square.


A sewing machine with a quarter inch or patchwork foot – these are readily available for most makes of sewing machine and will need to be purchased prior to the class. Check your manual to see if your machine already has one as a standard foot.

8 fat quarters of fabric – a fat quarter measures 50cmx55cm – this can be new fabric or upcycled 100% cotton dress weight fabric

0.5 m of a pale background fabric for the applique blocks

2m of background fabric, joining strips and binding – it is best to choose this when you have made some blocks

Cotton thread for sewing the blocks together with - it needs to blend with your fabrics and is probably going to be white, neutral, grey or black.

A sewing kit of pins, fabric scissors, hand sewing needles, a 45mm rotary cutter, a quilt ruler and a cutting mat - **I have a few of these that can be borrowed in class**

A folder to keep your pattern sheets in, note book and pen for additional notes that you might want to make and a sense of fun and adventure!