Reg's first job as a gardener was working for Mr George Banfield in his nursery at Lower Faircox. He was almost killed there when a bomb fell amongst the greenhouses.

Reg's Vegetable Plot

Reg developed his passion for chrysanthemums at Mr Paine’s Partwick nursery at West End, which later became Mr Russell’s carnation nursery. In this recording he also tells about the wartime onions, Mr Whittam’s fruit farm up Furners Lane and Misses Allen and Brown’s famous violet nursery with the soaps and perfumes that were made locally.

Reg, who now lives on Flower Farm Close, explains how the road got its name from Mr. Hill’s nursery and remembers fetching the vegetables from Parson's market gardens. He continues growing vegetables and flowers to this day in his immaculately tended garden.

Reg's engraved spade

His pride and joy is the engraved spade presented to him by the Parish Council on his retirement as village postman. It's well used too!

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