Well, here we all are on the threshold of something very special for the village....The Henfield Hub, the aim, for those that have painstakingly planned it all, is to have a one stop area where those that are local and those that are from far away can have up to the minute information on all aspects of life in Henfield, whether it be shopping related, activity related, business, sport, you name it, it will be covered.....Fantastic!

My little inaugural chat is to welcome you all to the village's property section. Despite the public's perception of the estate agency profession, there is no doubt in my mind that most people secretly love it. A bit like a t.v. soap opera; you might never admit publicly to watching it, but you can't wait to get your next 'fix'. On any Saturday morning in the village (and I am sure my colleagues at Burts, Goodsmans and Stevens will corroborate) there will be the small children dragging at Mummy & Daddy's hands trying to drag them away from looking in our windows.If we listen carefully we will hear comments like. "How much?? They must be joking!". "Wow, look at the beautiful? view on that one!". " I see that's on the market again". If we are lucky the following week they come back and we hear. "Blimey, they've sold it!"

We are thoroughly blessed leading the lives of village agents, the diverse range of property in and around Henfield means that there is never a dull day and we should always be ready for the odd surprise, like the old cottage in the middle of nowhere that has no mains water connected and the original 1920s electric cooker still in daily use! In the morning you can be visiting a maisonette and in the afternoon it can be a mansion. We should and do feel fortunate, as our counterparts down in the city often have a territory that extends only to a few streets.

The life of an estate agent is incredibly varied and, contrary to common belief we do have hearts and even the odd quirky sense of humour.......To have longevity in the business it's a prerequisite!? Some members of the public often dismiss using an estate agent by saying. "All they do is take a few photos and the rest is easy". I happen to completely disagree, the job of a good agent starts once the sale is agreed, there is 'many a slip betwixt cup and mouth' to get a transaction through to exchange of contracts. It takes time, doggedness and persistence to achieve this in most cases and your local friendly agent will be fighting your corner....Grrrr!

Your sales and letting agents here in the hub, all of which are independently run, are all eminently experienced and also support financially where they can for the good causes of the village, we are here however, to help you with all aspects of the property market......After all, it’s what we do!

Over the coming weeks and months we will aim to keep you updated with ongoing morsels related to our local property market. Happy house hunting !