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Saturday 30th May

Rose Beautiful Italian Skincare

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Hello, I'm Angela Manuel and I recently returned to Henfield after living in Italy. Whilst there I came across a wonderful, affordable range of skincare products, based on the natural extracts of traditional roses. Many visiting friends from the UK saw it in my bathroom, asked to try it and promptly bought some to take home.

Once back in the UK I started showing it to more friends and got such lovely, positive feedback that I decided to set up my own small business to sell it here. I've called the product range Rose Beautiful. It's a timeless beauty regime that harnesses the power and purity of the rose. The classic rosewater toner was first produced by master distillers in Florence as far back as 1867.

Currently I'm selling these lovely products at fairs, charity events, home parties and through contacts and am very happy to deliver locally.


If you'd like to host a party at home with a few friends in the evening or perhaps at a coffee morning, you can try out all the products in the range. Simply for agreeing to hold a party you'll receive a bottle of our classic Rosewater Toner and then further free products, depending on the total sales at your party.

Please contact me at:
or phone me on 07956 376312

You can also visit my Facebook page:
Rose Beautiful Delivers!

Rose Beautiful Delivers!

No need to run out of your favourite Italian Skincare



Get free products from the Rose Beautiful Italian skincare range just by inviting a few friends to a "party" at your home or workplace.