To celebrate both the 20th anniversary for the village's Festival of Gardens and Arts and the Horsham Year of Culture, St Peter's Church Henfield chose to hold a 'Flower Festival'. The church was open all day on Saturday 8th June and then again for visitors during the Sunday afternoon following the Pentecost (Whitsunday) service and a Baptism that morning.

The beautifully reordered building looked at its very best with light pouring in through the windows and the striking modern pentecostal red altar frontals being complemented by beautiful floral displays of predominantly red and yellow flowers. All around the church various organisations had put on their own individual displays, some of which were innovative and eye-catching. Not to be missed was the selection of decorated jars with flowers in them which adorned the Parham Chapel, having been made by some of the children from St Peter's School. Artists easels, with paintings, were positioned throughout the church, demonstrating the depth of talented people that live in and around Henfield.

Wonderful music was played quietly and unobtrusively in the background, whilst people wandered around the floral and art exhibition, or took the opportunity to rest whilst enjoying home-made cakes and cups of tea or coffee. From time to time there were pauses in the music whilst other performances took place in front of an enthusiastic audience.

The church, being conveniently at the heart of the village, was ideally positioned for getting a constant stream of visitors, popping in as they passed by clutching their blue guidebooks, or for shelter from the gusty wind and showers on the Saturday.

Well done to everyone concerned for such a terrific display.

Photographs: Pamela & Barry Chaston

Main photo: Altar in the Parham Chapel

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