For one week, beginning on Monday 14th May, St Peter’s Church will be holding a week-long series of activities all around the theme of ‘Walking the labyrinth’. We will have, in church, a huge canvas labyrinth on the floor, which everyone will be welcome to visit, to walk and reflect, making a journey from the outside into the centre.
Labyrinths have been used in prayer and reflection for centuries and some of the oldest can be seen in the form of finger labyrinths and celtic knots on tombs and grave stones. A labyrinth can be an invitation to take part in a journey and unlike mazes, they have only one path to follow, which always leads to the centre. However, as you walk the labyrinth you find that the path often takes you very close to the centre before it travels back out again, only to return to the centre a little later in the journey. And we find this same pattern in life. We can come very close to God before we go our own way again, only to return later; drawing close, drawing away. God is always calling to us, drawing us to his love, and the labyrinth is a lovely visual and physical reminder of that relationship of love. But the joy of the labyrinth is that is can be meaningful to a wide range of people, and is not a specifically Christian tool, although is widely used by Christians. All are welcome, and we hope that everyone who visits will find it to be a fun and refreshing experience, whatever their faith or belief.

Come and take some time out to reflect & pray, walk the path, bring your friends & family – all are welcome!

If you would like to come to the quiet afternoon on Monday 14th May, please reserve a space* this will be a ‘retreat’ style afternoon of reflection, prayer & Bible study, with tea & cake to finish, led by the Canon Precentor, Tim Schofield, Chichester Cathedral

For the prayer walk on Wednesday, please meet in St Peter’s Church at 2pm. We will be going out into the lanes and twittens of Henfield to walk and pray, in a group or on your own, returning to church for tea & cake after.
*For more information or to reserve a space for the quiet afternoon, please
ring (01273) 495532 or 494378