Dear Parents/Carers,

Well it was a disappointing overnight snowfall – definitely not enough to make a decent snowman. Please take note of the adverse weather procedures in this newsletter. Although I will endeavour to make sure school remains open, please understand if our planned daily learning activities are a little different due to staff not being able to get in. Remember to send your children in with wellies, warm clothes and a spare pair of socks so that they can have fun playing in the snow if it does descend on us!

Many of you will have heard me speak of the importance of reading for pleasure. Having a love of reading has the greatest impact of children’s academic success in all the core subjects. At school we are making reading for pleasure a priority and during Easter, building work will begin on a new whole school library, which the children will be able to access throughout the day (including lunchtimes). For now, after half-term we will be changing our phonics and reading scheme to Read Write Inc in Reception and Year 1 with parent workshops taking place to explain how the scheme works and how parents can support at home. Please look out for further details.

The new library is also one of the main projects that the PTA are supporting so please take note of their plea for volunteers if Field Fest is able to go ahead this year. We are very excited about getting a library that is a stimulating and funky environment and I hope to send you the plans in the next few weeks. In the meantime, keep sharing books with your children - reading to them is as equally valuable and reading with Dads and Grandads is even more powerful.

On that note we have a real lack of adult volunteers who come in and listen to children read. At school we teach children how to read, but do not have the time to listen to all children weekly. If a teacher were to listen to each of their class read for 10 minutes a day, that would equate to 5 hours of them not being able to teach the whole class! If you think you could offer some of your time, please let us know. DBS checks are only required if you are working alone with a child out of view of a staff member, however it is good practice for all regular volunteers to have one. Please contact the School Office who can guide you through the relatively easy process.

Our newest reading volunteer is Dennis the Reading Dog, who the children love reading to! Thank you to Mrs Bonwick for bringing Dennis in each week, the children and staff love seeing him.

Kind regards,
D. Maurice
Staffing – On Wednesday we said goodbye to Mrs Lean, one of our Midday Meal Supervisors who has left to help her husband with his own business. We wish Mrs Lean every success for the future and look forward to catching up with her, when she is in the playground with her own children. As her replacement, we welcome Mrs Wharton. Mrs Wharton, who has a Son in Y1 started with us on Monday and is already familiar with her new role.

Sadly, we are also saying farewell to Mrs Stevens, our other Midday Meal Supervisor who will be leaving at the end of this half-term. Mrs Stevens has been a valued member of staff since 2010 and will be missed by pupils and staff alike. We all wish her, and her boys who are both ex-pupils well for the future. Mrs Stevens’ position is currently being advertised, the details of which are on our website or Henfield Hub.

Congratulations to our ‘Animals of the Week’. This award is given in recognition of a good piece of work or a learning achievement.
Week Ending: Friday 25th January

  • YR Barnaby Bowes / Evalyn Sargeant
  • Bluebell Glover-Tullett / Poppy Ogleby
  • Y1 Emily Kent / Cerys Robinson
  • Y2 Demi-Lee Furner / Alice Nicholson
  • Y3 Jessica Stephenson / Isla Winsper
  • Y4 Joshua Pettitt / Blake Manfield
  • Y5 Jocelyn Ridgley West / Lily-Rose Phillips
  • Y6 Bruno Cina / Max Searles

Weather – For any Parent/Carer who missed the last newsletter, we thought it would be helpful to give again the procedure that we will take, should the weather worsen and school be unable to open. A decision will be made by 7.15am on any morning in question as to whether we will be able to open, taking into consideration the weather at that time, the forthcoming forecast, the state of the roads and the number of staff able to safely get to school. If we are unable to open then a text message and email will be sent to all Parents/Carers confirming no school for that day, with a statement also placed on our website. This procedure will take place each and every day, where the weather is questionable.

Should school be open, but the weather worsen to the point that the decision is taken to close within the day, then a text message and email will be sent and a message placed on our website confirming that children need to be collected. In this event, the playground gates nearest to the leisure centre will be opened for access to the playground. Children in Octopus, Starfish, Turtles, Dolphins, Penguins and Seals should be collected from the classroom external door on the playground. Seahorses and Puffins will be exiting from the infant doors, where they normally come into school and similarly Pelicans and Polar Bears will be using the junior external doors. Children in Sharks and Stingray should be picked up from the Sharks external playground door and finally Orca and Swordfish will use the Swordfish external door.

All children will need to be collected by their Parent, unless we receive a message that somebody else will be collecting. Children in Y5 and Y6 will only be allowed to walk home, if a message is received from their Parent.

E-Safety Coffee Afternoon - A reminder that there will be a short presentation and an opportunity for questions with our Computing Lead, Miss Redfern, and our Safeguarding Lead, Miss Watkins to discuss e-safety. Please join us in the school hall at 2.15pm on Friday 8th February.

Chartwells’ Pancake Day – This year, pancake day falls on Tuesday 5th March, and in recognition a special menu for lunchtime has been created:

  • Main: BBQ Chicken & Rice or Veggie Sausage & Bean Casserole
  • Side: Carrots & Sweetcorn or Fresh Salad
  • Dessert: Pancake with Chocolate Sauce or Fresh Fruit Salad

Children in YR, Y1 & Y2 will automatically receive this menu, however children in Key Stage 2 will need to pre-book in the usual way:

Y3 Trainers – With Y3 spending more PE time outside, it is recommended that they have more sturdy trainers to wear, instead of plimsolls. It is not necessary to dash out to the shops now, but perhaps next time your child needs new PE footwear, you may consider trainers. Y3 are also short of reading books and would be grateful for any that Parent/Carers would like to donate.

Congratulations to our ‘Animals of the Week’. This award is given in recognition of a good piece of work or a learning achievement.
Week Ending: Friday 1st February
YR Alexander Deffley / Harry Slaughter
Finley Cummins / Millie-Rose Norburn
Y1 Italia Boswell / Eleanor Blake
Y2 Daniel Scutt / Daniel Dennis
Y3 Gracie Adsett / Arthur Fenwick
Y4 Sophie Keulder / Rebecca Daly
Y5 Madison Iacovou / Otto Iida-Bowers

Parent/Teacher Consultations – Chartwells, our hot school meal provider will be at our Parent/Teacher consultations with ‘food tasting’ so that samples of the hot meals given to children at lunchtime, can be tried and enjoyed. They will be with us between 4.00pm and 5.00pm on Tuesday 12th March and 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Thursday 14th March. Appointment request slips will be coming home nearer the time for the consultations.

PTA Update
Happy Friday, we hope you’re all keeping warm in the cold weather. Brrrr. Here at PTA HQ we haven’t had time to feel the cold as we have been super busy putting the final touches to our Disco planning.

Sorry our communications were a bit confusing regarding which year groups will be attending which session – please see the separate email for full details but just to confirm, session 1 from 5pm until 6pm is for KS1 (YR to Y2) and session 2 from 6-30pm until 8pm is for KS2 (Y3 to Y6). We hope your mini people are looking forward to it as much as we are!

In other very exciting news, we are thrilled to confirm that our annual Quiz Night has been confirmed for Saturday 16th March. Look out for further details coming soon, including a brand new (and rather famous) quiz master but be sure to mark your diaries now.

Finally, we thought we should let you all have an update re FieldFest. We are so happy with the feedback we have received on FieldFest 1 and 2 and want to make sure when FieldFest 3 hits it is better than ever. With that in mind, we are leaning towards 2019 being a fallow year (if it’s good enough for Glastonbury…..). The reason for this, simply put, is that we do not have enough volunteers to put the event together. That’s cool, we get it, everyone is busy but in the interests of telling the truth and making sure we’re making the right decision, we wanted to let everyone know. So, if you don’t agree with this approach and think we should run FieldFest 3 in 2019, please get in touch and let us know that you’re willing to help. We can be contacted via Facebook or via the PTA email address (listed below). If we don’t get enough support that’s fine and we will aim for an even bigger and better event in 2020.

Click here for our Facebook page – or search for St Peters School Henfield PTA

Click here to email us at

Driving & Parking – Unfortunately we have received more complaints from homeowners in Fabians Way and Northcroft concerning the driving and unsafe parking of cars, when bringing children to and from school. In one email, photographic evidence was included of a car having been completely left on a grass verge, leaving trail marks in the mud when driving off. This is a real concern and we have asked the neighbour to give the details of the vehicle to Operation Crackdown, a joint initiative run by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Sussex Police to give communities an opportunity to report specific instances of anti-social driving/parking. .
In an effort to support our neighbours, please could I ask that vehicles are driven and parked sensibly, taking into account that there are children around, and that the car park of Henfield Leisure Centre can be used for any parking of vehicles.

Once Upon a time …….
Join us at Henfield Library for fairy tales with a digital twist! Stories, crafts and a chance to try coding with our new micro:bits.
Wednesday 20th February, 2.30 – 3.30pm
Tickets are free but please reserve your place to avoid disappointment. Suitable for children aged 6+
Henfield Library, off High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HN

Working 11.30am to 1.10pm, Monday to Friday, the successful applicant will be required to assist with the setting up and clearing away of tables and chairs and helping the children throughout the busy lunch time.
For further details, please see Mrs Marrs in our School Office.
Deadline for applying: 8th February 2019



  • Fri 1st: Y6 Young Voices Concert at the O2
  • w/b 4th: Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Mon 4th: Y2 visit by Rainbow Theatre
  • Fri 8th: Y3 Parent Assembly, 9.00am
  • E-Safety Coffee Afternoon, 2.15pm
  • Class Reps Meeting, 2.15pm
  • PTA Disco, YR – Y2, 5.00 – 6.00pm
  • PTA Disco, Y3 – Y6, 6.30 – 8.00pm
  • Tues 12th: Y2 SATs Meeting for Parents, 2.30pm
  • Fri 15th: INSET Day – school closed
  • w/b 18th: Half-Term
  • Wed 27th: Y1 Phonics Workshop, 2.30pm


  • Mon 4th: EYFS/KS1 Maths Workshop, 2.15pm
  • Tue 5th: Chartwells’ Pancake Lunch
  • Y5 Swimming Lessons start
  • Fri 8th: School Mid-Year Reports out
  • Tue 12th: Parent/Teacher Consultations, 3.30 – 6.00pm
  • Thur 14th: Parent/Teacher Consultations, 5.00 – 7.30pm
  • Fri 15th: Red Nose Day
  • Sat 16th: PTA Quiz Night (details to follow)
  • Tue 19th: Y1 visit Paradise Park
  • w/b 25th: Maths Week
  • Fri 29th: After School Clubs finish
  • Y1 Parent Assembly, 9.00am
  • ‘Celebration of Work’, 2.30pm – 3.15pm
  • (Please note change of date from 01.03.19)


  • Fri 5th: End of Term Service, St. Peter’s Church, 9.30am
  • End of Term
  • Tues 23rd: Start of Summer Term
  • Thur 25th: Y5 Isle of Wight Information Meeting, 5.00pm
  • Y6 Isle of Wight Meeting, 6.00pm


  • Wed 1st: Y5 Music Festival (details to follow)
  • Tues 7th: Spring Music Concert, 6.00pm (details to follow)
  • w/b 13th: Y6 SATs Week
  • w/b 20th: Y6 residential to the Isle of Wight
  • Fri 24th: YR Parent Assembly, 9.00am
  • w/b 27th: Half-Term


  • Fri 21st: Y2 Parent Assembly, 9.00am
  • Mon 24th: Henfield Cricket Tournament
  • Tues 25th: Class Photographs – JP Photographic
  • Thur 27th: St. Peter’s Day Service, St. Peter’s Church, 9.30am
  • Fri 28th: Sports Day


  • Mon 1st: Reserve Sports Day
  • Thur 11th: Y5 Connect to the Countryside (details to follow)
  • Fri 12th: Y6 Parent Assembly, 9.00am
  • Celebration of Work Afternoon, from 2.30pm

Exciting News
After 10 years, Henfield Leisure Centre Kids Club will be offering extended opening times.
From Monday 25th February we will be opening our breakfast club at 7.00am and closing at 6.30 pm - the additional half hour will only cost an extra 50p.

For further information please contact Shannon on or call us on 01273 494984