Sustainable Henfield 2030 aims to support our village play its part in creating a better world. Reducing our carbon footprint and increasing biodiversity are really important issues now and into the future. The next 11 years, up to 2030, are particularly crucial if humanity is to turn back the tide of global warming and the loss of natural species highlighted by Sir David Attenborough and others.

On the Sustainable Henfield 2030 stall we are planning activities for all ages and we hope to have conversations with many of you about your hopes and suggestions.

There are many linked ideas and concerns that local people may have which could help- from reducing plastic use to improving public transport or planting more trees and wildflower meadows. We want to know which ones matter most to Henfield residents, as we will aim to develop into a local, social and practical group whcich makes a difference.

We hope to meet you there to find out what you are concerned about and how you think we, in Henfield, can help to improve the future.