What & Where

What We Accept

What We Don’t Accept

Biscuits/ Crackers and McVities cake wrappers
Pringles tubes
Post Office Cafe

  • ALL BRANDS of plastic confectionery packaging.  eg chocolate and sweets pouches, bags, multipack outer plastic packaging.
  • Individual chocolate bar wrappers.
  • Plastic chocolate bar wrappers
  • Any make of biscuit or cracker wrapper - any size, eg digestive, ginger nuts, custard cream, cream crackers, cheddars
  • Krackawheat, rice crackers
  • Individual biscuit wrappers i.e. penguins. 
  • The outer wrapper including clear cellophane wrappers from biscuits and mini rolls. 
  • Individual wrappers from crackers
  • Pringles Crisp Tubes including their plastic lids and the paper/foil in between.
  • NO Aluminium foil, cardboard and paper wrappers e.g. individual foil and paper packets (like Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles® or KitKat Biscuits®) and cardboard tubes and boxes (like Smarties® or After Eight®)  These can be recycled via Blue or Green topped council bins.
  • NO Metal tins and rigid plastic trays or tubs, e.g. Quality Street® plastic tubs or Dairy Box® chocolate box. These can be recycled via blue or green topped council bins.
  • Quality Street® wrappers are now biodegradable and can be put into your composter.
  • NO other cellophane can be taken, even it appears to be the same

Crisps, nut and snack packs
Radmalls Funeral Services
{Local pubs collecting their own)

  • Crisps and snack packs, eg Hula Hoops,

Quavers, nuts, popcorn, Pretzels and pork scratching packets – Any type and any size including multipacks
Ideally please fold in half and put into the larger crisp/snack packets.

  • NO Knotted packets
  • NO Crisp packets folded into triangles


Pet Food
Swains Farm Shop
Henfield Haven

  • All brands of wet cat and dog plastic food pouches. 

These must be rinsed out and dried please.   

  • All pet treat plastic packs
  • All dry pet food plastic packs.
  • NO plastic or tin foil trays.
  • NO dry pet food paper packaging

Baby Food
Stokes Newsagent

  • Any brand of baby food/yoghurt pouches eg Ella’s Kitchen (including the lid).

Please rinse out and put the lid back on.

  • Ella baby food snack packets
  • NO Baby food snack packets not made by Ella’ kitchen

  What & Where

What We Accept

What We Don’t Accept

Dishwashing/ Laundry and Air Fresheners

  • Flexible dishwasher and laundry tablet/capsule/pods packaging
  • Surface cleaning wipes packaging, including tinted rigid tubs
  • Tinted fabric conditioner bottles and caps
  • All trigger sprays (eg Mr Muscle/ bathroom/ kitchen/window cleaners)
  • Shampoo and shower gel caps
  • Plastic air fresheners containers and caps and plastic packaging (house or car types)
  • Soap pumps & Carex refill pouches & caps
  • Baylis and Harding lotion tubes and caps
  • NO cellophane around the dishwasher tablet.
  • NO cleaning bottles
  • NO plug-in air fresheners
  • NO baby or beauty wipes
  • NO glass containers

Dental Care
Bespoke Interiors

  • Toothbrushes including the heads from electric ones, and plastic packaging
  • Toothpaste tubes and caps including the plastic packaging.
  • Dental floss containers and outer plastic packaging
  • NO pump toothpaste tubes – put in blue top bin
  • NO old electric toothbrush stems (electrical bit)
  • NO actual floss or dental sticks
  • NO denture adhesive or creams

Beauty Products
Natasha Beauty Salon

  • All brands of beauty products
  • Hair colourant kits (not bottle or cardboard)
  • Face creams pots and lids – facial wipe packets.
  • Roll-on deodorants
  • Lids from aerosol deodorants
  • All Garnier Products 
  • Old makeup plastic tubes – mascara, lipstick, bronzer, lipstick, etc.
  • NO glass or metal containers
  • NO aerosols
  • NO plastic bottles
  • NO baby wipe packaging

Goodness Henfield

  • All writing instruments can be collected, regardless of their brand or material

ballpoint pens, felt tips, mechanical pencils, markers, highlighters, bingo markers. Correction fluid containers  

  • NO wooden pencils or wax crayons
  • NO glue sticks


  • Kenco coffee refill bags 
  • Kenco Coffee plastic lids
  • Tassimo coffee discs and their foil packets
  • Nespresso L’Or Discs
  • NO other makes of coffee recyclables
  • NO filter coffee packets

Cheese wrappers

  • Any brand flexible plastic cheese pouches or individual cheese wrapper  eg cheddar.
  • Any brand of sliced cheese protective film
  • NO plastic tubs or trays, cheese boxes
  • NO aluminium cheese wrappers, wax and waxed paper, slice dividers, squeezy tubes or nets.

Contact lenses
Henfield Eye Care

  • Any brand of contact lenses and their blister pack and foil

(donation sent to Boots charity as not
registered in Henfield)

  • NO rigid gas permeable contact lenses
  • NO contact lens solution bottles