Over the next few months SH2030 will produce information and hold events in support of the global action on Climate Change. Some of our action groups have already met and are taking forward ideas discussed at the Inaugural Meeting.

The first action, of many we hope, took place up on Borrer Bank, opposite Nep Town Road, on Sunday 29 September when a gang of SH2030 members led by Tony Baker supported  Liz Taylor and other members of Henfield Garden Club, and Andrew Sharp of Henfield Parish Council, to plant 1000 bulbs (daffodils, crocuses and alliums) in less than an hour! The motivation behind planting the bulbs, other than to make Henfield more beautiful, was to help create a 'bee corridor', giving bees and other pollinators an uninterrupted route of suitable plants to pollinate, thus helping to sustain the environment.


We are planning to commence a community plastics free campaign in November in response to our members’ priorities and also because Henfield was very successful in this with the previous Fantastic No Plastic campaign. Global annual production of plastics rose from 2 million tonnes in 1950 to 380 million tonnes in 2015 and current annual production is expected to double by 2034.

We cannot fail to be aware of the single-use packaging that is either discarded or gradually breaks down into tiny particles – microplastics – with an as yet uncalculated effect on human and animal health.

The next public meeting on 20 November 2019 will see the launch of the campaign to Make Henfield Plastic Free. Be at the White Hart at 7pm to support this campaign and tell us about your experiences and join us in not putting up with unnecessary plastic any longer!

Please support us in our work by writing to us at SH2030@Mail.com and joining one of our action groups or just to receive our regular newsletter.

You can also write to us at Sustainable Henfield 2030, The Parish Office, The Henfield Hall, Coopers Way BN5 9DB and follow our progress on Henfield Hub , Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (as SH2030) .