About twenty Henfield volunteers from SH2030 and Henfield Conservation Volunteers gathered together to plant 5 native varieties of fruit tree on the Borrer Bank and about 80 native whips for wildlife hedging along the top of the Rothery Field Bank on 30th November. This date was significant as the Woodlands Trust has designated it as the 'Big Climate Fightback' day where it is hoped 1 million trees will be planted. This weekend also marked the ending of National Tree Planting week.


After a well-earned coffee break, supplied by residents in Cedar Way, the team moved on to the Rothery Field bank in Nep Town Road where we planted a native hedge. This hedge will provide some valuable wildlife habitat for birds and insects over time and was a project suggested by our Parish Council Works officers.


We had some lovely support from passing residents and motorists. Thanks for this everyone!

Let's look forward to seeing the trees in blossom next year and the hedging taking off soon so we have a more biodiverse avenue along New Town Road.