We were astonished to be nominated and humbled when witnessing those who were receiving awards before us during the ceremony at Ardingly on Thursday 12th October.

Four of us attended and were surprised at the scale and extent of planning that had been put into the evening’s preparations. We saw presentations to some amazing people, awards for community achievement, fundraising, courage, a parent in a million, young person of the year, the top teacher and others, some truly selfless and inspiring people.

We had been nominated for the “Best Business / Organisation Award”.

There were short video presentations before each award and so we felt sure that we had not been included; however, we were shocked to see photographs of Henfield Tennis Club projected for all to see.

Anna Bingham announced the award as follows:-

"The winner of the Best Business / Organisation Award was founded in 1920 and since then has continued to grow in both size and success. Providing excellent tennis facilities to the people of Henfield, we were told in countless nominations about their excellent new clubhouse and thriving youth section. Many nominations praised its comprehensive competition programme and talented coaches. On top of this they have achieved Tennismark Plus accreditation – which means that the club now operates within the highest professional standards recognised by the Lawn Tennis Association – for both on and off court procedures."

We duly stepped forward into the bright lights and Charles Bennett, Club Chairman, totally unprepared but quick thinking, thanked all and praised the work that the coaches and volunteers in Henfield have done during the last few years.


He was asked about the “programme for children” and was able to inform the audience of our close association with three local schools and the various schemes that take place.

It all happened in a flash and then we were whisked away to have an official photograph.

This award is something for the whole club to be delighted in as well as the community of Henfield. It shows that HTC is on the map and that we are a club worth being part of and a welcoming venue for visitors. We are always looking for new members, so if you are already a player, thinking of playing again or a complete novice, please get in touch.

This award will be added to others in the trophy cabinet in the Club Pavilion, for all to see. Well done HENFIELD.

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