1. Advertising

Advertising is defined as any promotional material displayed on the Hub, whether on members’ own pages or elsewhere. It includes any promotion implied in editorial content or contained in uploaded material.

We allow advertising on the Hub in order to:

  • generate income to support our aims, including delivery, maintenance and further development of the Hub.
  • promote local businesses.
  • inform residents and visitors of services available, events etc. in Henfield.

Advertising should provide a positive experience for users of the Hub and must serve the community interest.

We follow the guidelines laid out by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) www.asa.org.uk/asa/codes/cap_code. The basic principles of the codes are that advertisements should be:

  • legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • created with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society
  • in line with the principles of fair competition generally accepted in business

We aim to apply the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

The Hub will not accept any advertising which in our sole opinion is likely to be detrimental to the reputation or aims of the Hub or to cause offence. We will not accept advertising of a racial or political nature, or any advertising which may be construed as offering services of a sexual nature or gambling, or any advertising which in our opinion might be considered ethically unacceptable. Advertising must not discriminate against people because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.

The Hub has been designed so that advertising will not dominate the website, or individual pages. Advertising on club/society pages will be by agreement with the club/society. Advertising on other social pages will wherever possible be relevant to the intent of the page.

The Hub does not use or allow the following advertisement types:

  • Pop-ups and floating ads or surveys
  • Animations or flashing images
  • Ads that have forms within them to collect personally identifiable information.
  • Video and audio advertising.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of advertisements on the website, the Hub cannot accept any liability for errors and omissions. We will not accept any responsibility for claims made by advertisers and their inclusion on the Hub should not be taken as an endorsement. The Hub will never knowingly run an advertisement which is untrue or fraudulent. The Hub reserves the right to cancel an order and withdraw any advertisement at any point of the agreed period without giving a reason.

2. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is defined as agreement between the Hub and the sponsor, where we receive either money or a benefit in kind for an event, campaign, or initiative from an organisation or individual which in turn gains publicity or other benefits.

The aims of our sponsorship policy are:

  • to ensure that our position and reputation are adequately protected in sponsorship agreements
  • to ensure that we adopt a consistent and professional approach towards sponsorship
  • to ensure best value is obtained and provided in sponsorship arrangements including any arrangements made where we receive either money or a benefit in kind
  • to protect members and individual officers from allegations of inappropriate dealings or relationships with sponsors

Sponsors should clearly add value to the community, eg. by making a community event possible. Sponsor notices should normally appear on the relevant pages of the website. Major sponsors will be allowed advertising on key pages, provided that the advertising makes clear the nature of the sponsorship.

We will actively seek opportunities to work with local organisations to identify sponsorship opportunities of mutual benefit which are in keeping with our strategic priorities and core values. We may advertise a sponsorship opportunity to potential sponsors.

We welcome all opportunities to work in such partnerships. We will not, however, put ourselves in a position where it might be said that such a partnership has or might have or may be thought to have aligned the Hub with any organisation which conducts itself in a manner which conflicts with our values.

We retain the right to decline sponsorship from any organisation or individual or in respect of particular products which we, in our sole discretion consider inappropriate..

We will agree with the sponsor the nature and content of the publicity and will retain the right to approve all advertising material. The Hub has a strong brand identity and materials must not detract from this.

3. Payment and Cancellation Terms

Advertising fees are payable in advance. Long term advertising contracts may be cancelled by giving one month's notice by email to manager@henfieldhub.com. We will refund the proportion of the advertising fee that is unused (calculated on the basis of the number of complete months remaining), less an administration charge of £15. Design fees are not refundable.

4. Complaints Procedure

Complaints about advertising should be submitted in the first instance by email to manager@henfieldhub.com.

In the event that the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, an appeal can be made to the Editor-in-Chief (editorinchief@henfieldhub.com) whose decision shall be final.