Business Manager Lynna Williams, call her on 07845 438365

1. Appointment

The Business Manager is appointed by Henfield Hub CIC and is engaged under a formal contract. Her terms of reference are summarised here.

2. Responsibilities of the Business Manager.

The Business Manager is responsible for the financial sustainability of the website. Key responsibilities are to:

  • Publicise and promote use of the website.
  • Develop revenue and funding sources such as business membership, advertising and sponsorship
  • Comply with the principles and requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Hub’s privacy policy
  • Report to the Henfield Hub Management Board, referring to the Editor-in-Chief in the first instance.
  • Ensure there is cover to operate the website during any periods when the Business Manager is absent.

Day-to-day duties include:

  • Building strong relationships with businesses to encourage membership and advertising on the Hub
  • Selling business memberships and advertising to local businesses.
  • Assisting businesses with creating and posting of news stories and articles including text and photographs.
  • Assisting businesses with creation and posting of adverts on the Hub
  • Updating business event and directory listings.
  • Helping businesses to resolve any issues with the Hub.
  • Supporting successful operation of the Hub as a community website

3. Authority and Restrictions

The Business Manager will have authority for day-to-day decision making about commercial information on the website in conformity with agreed policies on content and advertising.

The Editor-in-Chief will be the point of reference for the Business Manager. The Editor-in-Chief will be available to advise on any difficult editorial decisions, and will have authority to make “go”/”no go” decisions about content and advertising.

The Business Manager will attend meetings of the Henfield Hub Board of Management.