Our idea of a Joke for the Day, posted on our Facebook page, has found plenty of support so we plan to start from Sunday 29th March, posting each day at 9am.

Whilst the intent is to try and give people a laugh, or even groan, what we don’t want to do is to inadvertently offend anyone. So here are some ground rules to follow if you feel inspired to post your own:

  • No jokes which could be insulting to someone of a different nationality
  • No dirty jokes please or bad language
  • Nothing explicitly racial
  • If of a religious nature, mustn’t be blasphemous
  • Video jokes can be posted if short
  • Above all, just think before posting whether the joke could be taken the wrong way by upsetting someone

Basically all this means is that we must use our common sense!

As not all our followers use Facebook, we will publish weekly all the previous 7 daily jokes. So here are a few just published:

  • I just went to buy a violin, the bloke said do you want a bow with that? I said no it’s fine, you don’t need to rap it. 
  • Someone has just thrown a bottle of Omega 3 tablets at me.
    I'm not hurt, just some super fish oil injuries.
  • I heard Coronavirus came from China, so I'm only using paper plates from now on...
  • I went to the Pharmacist yesterday and asked the lady behind the counter “What’s best for keeping my work surfaces virus free?”. She replied, “Ammonia Cleaner.” I said, “Oh, I am sorry – I thought you worked here…”..