The independent review, by Hannah Robins, perhaps summarises the mood of the audiences. To read the review please click here.

Pictures from the Show (courtesy of Neville de Moraes, HTC)







Why don't YOU join in on all the fun !!??

The Henfield Theatre Company has won a number of awards over the past few years, from The Brighton and Hove Arts Council and the National Operatic and Dramatic Association as well as receiving excellent reviews for its productions. They put on four or five productions each year, typically two shows, two plays, and every alternate year an outdoor production such as a Shakespeare play.  For anyone interested in getting involved with theatre, as a hobby, this company is certainly one to think about joining.  They are always interested in greeting new members (as long as they are aged somewhere between about seven and ninety!) and it is important to realise how much of the action happens off stage.  There are interesting activities to stimulate those with a practical side (set building, lighting, sound, costumes, props) as well as the more organisational roles (production management, front-of-house, publicity) and the roles that are always needed to support a production while it is running (back stage crew, prompt, make-up,  bar staff)  And, needless to say, singers, actors and musicians are pretty useful too!  The company has a great social side which runs independently as well during the production activities.  They hold regular social events such as play readings, quizzes, treasure hunts, film nights and after show parties - and well, just parties!  If you might be interested in joining in, you can make contact through their website at