With exhibits based on transport, railways, Southdown Buses to a village garage, through to industrial based collections, blacksmiths, print shops wheelwrights Amberley is an interesting and enjoyable day out.

There are also a number of craftspeople who work within the site continuing their time-honoured & traditional skills, so one can watch them work as well as buy their products. Blacksmiths, Broom Makers, Potters, Stained Glass Makers, Stickmakers & Woodturners are an example of the craftspeople that take up residence in Amberley. 

There are also interesting exhibitions charting the history of telecommunication electricity and road making, plus after over a century's use as a chalk quarry, the grounds have been reclaimed by nature. This forms an interesting & distinctive ecological world, so it's well worth having a wander along one of the site's many nature trails. This makes Amberley a great day out for everyone.

For more information, please visit Amberley Museum's official site.