Steyning & District U3A has over 450 members and operates as a learning and leisure cooperative, where members share their interests, knowledge and skills. Members follow new interests, make new friends and enjoy learning at their own pace.

We have more than 60 friendly interest groups which cater for a wide variety of interests, from Art to Wine & Beer Appreciation, with Bird Watching and Discussion, Mah Jong and Play Reading, Languages and pretty well everything you can name in between. So there is something for all tastes!

Our groups are informal and most meet in members' homes during the day, fortnightly or monthly. These groups are often small, consisting of between six and ten members. Some groups such as Walking or Bird Watching, meet outdoors and cater for higher numbers. 

There is neither an upper or lower age limit, although members are generally no longer in full time employment. Members offer their services free of charge, whether it is sharing their skills, sharing a room in their home or helping with administration. 

With an annual subscription of just £12, what's stopping you from finding out more?

PO Box 2595, Henfield BN5 0EA

Registered Charity No. 1155125