Our groups are informal and there are no qualifications or examinations. Most groups meet in members' homes during the day, fortnightly or monthly, and consist of between 6 and 10 people. Our members often join more than one group, and may join one group while 'leading' another.

                           GROUP SCHEDULE SUMMER 2016

Monday Birds & Natural History Bridge 2 U4A Book Club
  Bridge 1
 Wine & Beer (H)
  French Conversation 1 (H)
 French Conversation 4 (S)  
   French Reading (H)  History of  Technology  

International Studies

 Watercolour Painting
 TuesdayBook Club 1 (S)Family History Publishing
 Music Appreciation
 Bowling for beginners French Conversation 2 (S)
 Wine & Beer 2
  Discussion 2
 French Conversation 3 (S)
Wine & Beer 4

History (S)

 Maj Jong (East)
  Play Reading
 Maj Jong (West)  
  Walking 'Day Walks'Opera Appreciation
  Walking Short Walks
 Rummicub 2
   Spanish (H)
   Ukulele 1
 WednesdayAspects of the Mind 1 & 2
  GardeningWine & Beer 3
 Chinese Brush Painting
 Mah Jong (East)
 Mah Jong (West)
  Discovering Mathematics
  Family History 1   
   Family History 2   
 Thursday Bird Watching / Nat History
 Bridge 1
Wine & Beer 1
 Crochet, Knit & Natter
 Hen/Sten Book Club 2
Singing for Fun
  Ukulele 2
Understanding Shakespeare
 Understanding Europe
 Friday Discussion 1Art Appreciation  (H) 
 Watercolour Painting
   History (H)
  Painting (Mixed Media) 
   Poetry Appreciation 

Some Groups like 'Golf', 'Computers for beginners' or 'Tablets for beginners', or 'Food for Thought' meet irregularly. Contact the relevant Group Leaders - details on our website.